“October 14, 1984, was the most momentous day in the history of the Heralds of Good News, the day on which Bishop John placed his seal of approval on the basic constitution of the institute”, noted the founder. Thus the Society of Heralds of Good News was born. Meanwhile, Rev. Fr. Augustine K.V. and then St. Joseph Brothers Jose Oonnukallel and Thomas Karachira expressed their desire to join the Society. On 12th December, 1984, the birthday of Bishop John Mulagada, the foundation for the Mother House, the first Minor Seminary, was laid at Kurukkuru, in Eluru diocese, in the presence of many priests and religious of the diocese of Vijayawada and Eluru. After a retreat at Nirmalagiri Shrine, guided by (late) Rev. Fr. Peter Canisius OFM Cap., on February 2, 1985, the pioneer members, the founder, the 3 fathers and 2 brothers mentioned above, made their permanent commitment to the institute in the presence of the Eucharistic Lord and Bishop John, in his private chapel, witnessed only by Rev. Frs. Abraham V., Peter Puthenkandam CMF and Peter Canisius OFM Cap. After the Holy mass the members gathered in the office of Bishop John and elected unanimously Fr. Jose Kaimlett as the first Director General of the society. On 26th December 1990 the second General Chapter of the society was held. Fr. Jose Kaimlett was re-elected as the Superior General and Fr. Mathew Kallikatt as the assistant, Fr. Thomas Alancherry and Fr. P. Thomas as councilors and Fr. Thomas Karachira as the Procurator. On 25th January 1994 the third General Chapter was held at Janampet. Fr. Jose Kaimlett resigned as Director General but accepted the request by the members to continue as the permanent Superior General. Fr. ChackoPuthumayil was elected as the Director General and Fr. Mathew Kallikatt as the assistant Director General and procurator, Fr. P. Thomas, Fr. CherianPullambrayil and Rev. Mathew Panackal as the councilors. The fourth General Chapter was held at Heralds of Good News Generalate, Eluru. Fr. Mathew Kallikatt was unanimously elected as the Director General, Fr. Philip Kulathinapadickal as the Assistant Director General, Fr. Thomas Alancherry, Fr. Mathew Vengaloor and Fr. Xavier Thekkumkattil as the councilors, and Fr. BabuKulathumkal as the Treasurer General. On 24th April 2004 an Extraordinary General Assembly was held at St. Joseph’s Major Seminary, Khammam. Fr. Mathew Kallikatt continued to be the Director General for the following years. In the year 2006 the Holy See appointed Rev. Fr. Mathew Maruvathrail as the Pontifical Commissary for the society. In the year 2008 the Holy See appointed Most Rev. AgneloRufino Gracias as the Pontifical Commissary for the society. In the month of August 2008 the society was organized into three provinces namely South East, South West and North. In the month of January 2009 the General Assembly was convoked and on 23rd January 2009 Rev. Fr. A. Francis was elected Superior General. During the course of the assembly Rev. Fr. Jose Adaikamundakal was elected as the Asst. Superior General, Rev. Fr. A. Charles Savarimuthu, Rev. Fr. SajiPoovanilkumthottiyil, Rev. Fr. NicksonEdattu were elected councilors, Fr. Nirdosh Dung Dung as the Treasurer General and Rev. Fr. PachikollaChristu Raj as the Secretary General.

On May 5, 1991, Most Rev. John Mulagada, the Bishop of Eluru, after complying with the directives of the Congregation for Evangelization of Peoples, Rome, erected the Missionary Institute of Heralds of Good News as a Clerical Missionary Society of Apostolic Life of Diocesan Right. The Society became of the Pontifical Right on May 5, 1999. The Society has made a rapid progress both in the matter of personnel and at the level of activities. From a mere four priests and two brothers 25 years ago, it has grown to have 478 permanently incorporated members. Our missionaries are working in India and in Abroad (Third world countries and First world countries).

In keeping with its specific aim, the Society has been very much involved in the promotion of vocations and in the formation of seminarians. The entire programme of formation is oriented towards the growth of each member to a deeper appreciation of the fact that Jesus Christ and his mystery is the centre of our life. The Society strives to promote to priesthood only those who have been called, through the Society, and spares no effort to get them adequately trained. The formation in the Society envelops the human, spiritual, intellectual, pastoral and missionary dimensions. To obtain these goals the Society runs different houses of formation. It has minor seminaries at different statesin different provinces; Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhrapradesh, Odisha. The Society has a common Spirituality Centre at Kurukkuru for all the seminiarians who complete their minor seminary formation in different provinces. Major Seminaries at Khammam and Kurnool. St. Joseph’s Major Seminary at Khammam was started in June 1995; the theology course was commenced from June 1998. For the effective formation of the philosophy students, a new major seminary was started in Kurnool in June 1999. Because of the shortage of vocations now both theology and philosophy faculties are merged and taught in St. Joseph’s Major Seminary from June 2016 onward. The growth the Society had in the past is a tribute to the vision and hard work of its Founder and the Director Generals and Superiors in the past. We recall with gratitude the encouragements and support of our patron Most Rev. Dr. John Mulagada, Bishop of Eluru and the other Bishops of the region. We are indebted to all our well wishers, benefactors and friends for their generosity and solidarity.

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      Heralds of Good News is an indigenous Clerical Missionary Society of Apostolic Life of Pontifical Right. Whose principal seat is established in the Diocese of Eluru, Andhra Pradesh, India. Read More...

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